Dynamic Dance Workshops with Laura Bodorff

  • Dynamic Dance Workshops with Laura Bodorff
    December 9, 2017
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Ready to end the year with a flare? We know we are! Fantastic dance teacher and DJ Laura Bodorff returns to our community to teach four workshops on ways to make your partner dancing more spontaneous, explorative, and just plain exciting. Whether you prefer to dance swing, blues, fusion, or all of the above, there is something here for you! The workshop will be followed later in the evening by our last dance of the year at Harkness Ballroom (367 Cedar St.), which will be a great opportunity to practice your cool new moves!

All classes: $50 general/$40 student (available online! or day-of cash only)
3 classes: $45 general/$36 student (day-of cash only)
2 classes: $30 general/$24 student (day-of cash only)
1 class: $15 general/$12 student (day-of cash only)
We want to make our classes accessible to everyone. To apply for a dancership, go here:

Class Descriptions:
12:00 – 1:10pm Swing and Release – Apply connection, tension, and moves often used in swing dancing to your fusion style. We’ll discuss what pieces of the dance can be adapted and how, in addition to exploring the specific aesthetic changes for a variety of fusion music.

1:20-2:30pm Non-mirrored Moves –
In many styles, connection encourages the leader to step with their right foot, and the follow to respond by stepping with their left foot, mirroring one another. When we do away with this convention, a world of freedom opens in the shapes and statements a pair of dancers can make. Practice asking for and responding with moves in which the leader and follower each have their own very different part to play, and find where you can use your own voice in this style of partnership.

2:40-3:45pm Weight sharing and dips – Take an acrobat’s approach to sharing weight – practice connecting with others in a way that is collaborative and expressive, inviting a variety of leans and dips, from the very subtle to very dramatic.

3:55-5pm Flying Lifts – Momentum driven lifts whirl or sail, giving the look and feel of weightlessness to a lift, whether a momentary pop or and extended 8 count hold. We will practice flyer technique for lifting and explore ways to feel weightless and invite a lead to lift. Several specific lifts using momentum as the primary drive will be covered in this hour, as well as the technique to explore and create your own.

Bio: Laura Boddorff was a classical dancer all her life, until, in 2004, she began ballroom dancing and discovered the joy of movement as interaction. Laura has studied over 25 styles of dance, and teaches aerial silks at Pole Dance Fitness in her home in Pennsylvania. She has placed in several competitions; however, her joy in dancing is in the social experience. She loves creating new conversations on the dance floor, and introducing students to new vocabulary to allow them to experiment further and express more fully. Come to her classes expecting to play!

You do not need a partner. For the classes it will be useful to have a knowledge of general partner dancing and basic swing dance.

We recommend you bring comfortable shoes, and you might want to bring a snack.