Fusion Workshop with Flour Evelyn

  • Fusion Workshop with Flour Evelyn
    February 9, 2019
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Interested in learning a way to spice your Fusion dancing? Flouer Evelyn will be teaching an immersive dance class. A five-hour session on Saturday will bring you the fusion of fusion dancing.

Our class will be a colorful multi-layered experience, so please, come join us and have some fun!

February 9th, 2019, 12-5pm

Tier 1: $50
Tier 2: $40


Latin Sampler (12-1pm)
Many Latin rhythms are designed to get you out of your chair and on the dance floor. An increasing number of pop songs are utilizing the power of Latin beats, and subsequently we hear more of them in our fusion communities. People have spent decades developing movements that fit these rhythms- lets incorporate them into our dancing! This class is a sampler of Latin rhythms, movements, and styles, all danced to fusion music selections that you might find in any of Flouer’s sets.
Hip Hop Fusion (1:15-2:15pm)
Get loose and funky, feel the bass, and turn it up! Sweat a little, laugh, and be challenged as you learn new moves taken from Hip Hop and Afro-House. Learn to dance in style with a few tricks and tips of dancing with pulse, sas, and flare, both solo and with your partner.
Lyrical Fusion (2:30-3:30pm)
Lyrical Fusion floats, swoops, and dives in gorgeous curves. It stretches taught to the end of the line, then snaps at exactly the right moment. It travels and swirls, rolling and tumbling, then condenses tightly just before it dissipates into the ether. This will be journey of deep connection, taking risks, feeling free, and finding emotion in lyrical fusion music.
Micro Fusion (3:45-4:45pm)
Micro is a dance form that has been around for 20 years, but has now recently found a resurgence in popularity. There are entire events dedicated to just micro dancing! We will explore the softer, smaller side of partner dancing. We will focus on distilling our dance down to the essentials and enjoying the small, the subtle, and the delicate. Additionally, coming from our lyrical and hip hop experiences we will explore these two musical sides of the spectrum and find ways to incorporate that into our micro dancing. Come revolutionize the way you move to music.



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