Fusion workshop with Ruth Evelyn

  • Fusion workshop with Ruth Evelyn
    March 18, 2017
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Coming all the way down from Boston, the wonderful Ruth Evelyn will take us on one afternoon long journey into Fusion dancing. We are thrilled, come and dance with us!

All are welcome:
~ Dancers from all backgrounds are encouraged to join us!�
~ While some of the material will be thought at an intermediate level and some dancing experience might help, non-dancers (yet) are welcome too!

Prices regular/student:
1 class: 15/12
2 classes: 30/24
3 classes: 45/ 36
4 classes: 50/40 (available online)

Register online, or pay at the door (we accept cash and checks). Registration link to be posted soon.


Connection: How do (12:00-1:05pm)
We will delve into the ways to connect to a partner, playing with leading and following, and play with a sampling of the ranges we can lead and follow, explore some of the physical techniques and some of the mentalities that go with them.

Just Lead (1:15-2:20pm)
How can you be an amazing lead, leading clearly and comfortably? How do you continue leading while listening to your partner’s voice? We will explore a mix of lead philosophy and voice in this class.

Hit it or Ease Into It (2:30-3:35pm)
We will play with the ways our body approaches a movement create really different results- hitting into a movement or feeling the reverberations, melting from shape to shape, moving with acceleration, and many more. This is a magical way to take relatively simple movements and make them exciting for both you and for your partner.

Follow Magic (3:45-4:50pm)
Sometimes we juggle the concepts of “pure following” and “follow voice.” I believe that following is an incredibly active, artistic role. We will explore ways to express follow voice within the concept of following.

~About Ruth~
Ruth skipped into her first dance class more than 25 years ago, and has since been dancing as many styles as she can get her feet on.
Ruth’s 15+ years as a dance instructor have taken her on teaching adventures across the US, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia. She has continually developed both her teaching and her dancing skills. Ruth is known for her ability to craft explanations that fit students’ learning styles. She brings a vibrant mixture of deep technical knowledge, passion for movement, and silly fun that students can’t help but connect with.
In addition to training in blues, lindy, Argentine tango, modern, ballet and many other dance forms, Ruth is certified in Franklin Method, an increasingly popular body somatics method. She has a long-standing love affair with close-embrace connection, has sneakily swung out in the Louvre, and is curating a fine collection of fishtail variations.

~Can never get enough of dancing?~
Ruth’s Fusion Workshop will be followed by a DJed Fusion Dance on 3/18.

~ Our events are for everyone regardless of financial ability ~ Apply for a dancership if cost is an issue!
Dancership Application: https://goo.gl/GJO9Ds



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