Zouk Fusion Workshop with Sydney Schiff

  • Zouk Fusion Workshop with Sydney Schiff
    October 14, 2017
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sydney Schiff is coming to New Haven to teach our scene some zouk basics and how it can fit in to our fusion dancing! Come along for this awesome workshop and follow it up with an awesome fusion dance that evening (DJed by Sydney as well!)
All are welcome!
All classes: $50 general/$40 student (available online! or day-of cash only)
3 classes: $45 general/$36 student (day-of cash only)
2 classes: $30 general/$24 student (day-of cash only)
1 class: $15 general/$12 student (day-of cash only)
** Cost should never be an issue, and we have dancerships available to offset it. Apply here: https://goo.gl/GJO9Ds **
Class info: 
12-1PM: What is Zouk? In this first class, we will talk about the history of the dance, where it came from, how it was created, how it changed as it traveled the world, and why I call it a fusion dance. We will also learn some of the fundamental movements and aesthetic.
1:10-2:10PM: What isn’t Zouk? In this class, we will look at elements that were added to Zouk over time from other dances that we can play with in our Fusion dancing even if we don’t know any Zouk basics.
2:20-3:20PM: Why is Zouk not Blues? In this class we will look at similar movements in Blues and Zouk as a way to more clearly define each genre (eg: isolations). We will also discuss lead/follow relationships and improvisation in both dances.
3:30-4:30PM: Splash without whiplash. In this last class, we will discuss techniques for safe and expressive leading and following of head movement and explore ways of incorporating it into our Fusion.
Some info about our awesome instructor:
Sydney Schiff, originally from Washington, D.C., is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and a Certificate in World Performance Studies at the University of Michigan. She has studied Blues, Zouk and Fusion extensively in NYC and at festivals throughout North America and Europe. She has studied Zouk teaching pedagogy with Renata Peçanha, Zenzouk and Laura Riva, taught workshops in NYC, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Manchester, England, and co-organized the Zouk Dance Club at U-M & Ann Arbor where she teaches and DJs weekly.




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